About us


We are committed to walking you to the vibrant heart of Italy to encounter its people, culture and gastronomy and take you to the living stories of its lands through exquisite travel experiences, personally crafted with our local experts for your comfort and delight.



We respect  the local culture and value the uniqueness of the land

We practice an ethical approach to tourism, in the communities as well as in our workplace

We believe that tourism can support sustainable development



We offer tailor-made travel experiences and uncommon journeys throughout Italy that are personally crafted to respond to your specific needs and provide the level of comfort and luxury that better suits your requests.

We are a boutique tour operator headquartered in Milan, with several branches around the country, powered by highly skilled and dynamic staff, that are looking forward to respond to your questions and share with you the beauties of hidden corners of Italian natural and cultural heritage.

Thanks to our prime network of local service providers, selected on the basis of strict quality indicators, we are confident that our services will meet your expectations, and exceed them.



Attention to details and preparations are only the starting points.

To us, EXCELLENCE in customer services means that…

  • We recommend only what we personally know. 
  • We carry out detailed inspections of each destination, for this reason we know the area in-depth and we are always able to provide the ‘right recommendation’ to our client.
  • You have access to an App that will help you to handle all the details efficiently
  • You have 24/7 access to your point of contact (the local ambassador) at your disposal while travelling.
  • We are highly responsive (within 2 minutes we respond to our travellers, sending instant feedback)


In addition to that, internally, we are proud to have created an open and horizontal work environment where all team members are supported to grow professionally, encouraged to learn and develop their personal and professional talents, to help improve our performance and deliver services of excellent quality, while enjoying the process.

Our company culture is based on Integrity, Trust, Inclusion and Teamwork.





Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to go on the best trip ever or to enquire about anything concerning our itineraries.