About us

On paper, we’re a tour operator but this definition doesn’t fully express our identity. Storywalking represents a linking company between the tourist industry and the locations visited. We work in parallel with different local businesses and stakeholders giving our contribution to the growth of the Italian and foreign cultural heritage.





We talk about Italy which is not only the Coloseum, Venice or Florence. Not only Michelangelo or Caravaggio. We tell you stories about Italy made of small museums in the villages, revealing the history and the origins of each place across time. We show you Italy forged by its ancient traditions throughout the centuries, contrade’s colors, flavours which change from one place to another.

We talk about the Italy where we grew up. The one with the family lunches on Sunday. The one with the smell of bread coming out from local backeries. The one with the hide-and-seek played among the alleys of the villages. The one with the coffee in bars. The one with the special dish festivals. The one with the sunsets over the valleys.

The one which you cannot find on the guide books, but which is made by people, traditions and emotions.




We lead people to the heart of the destinations having them live unforgettable experiences through the local traditions and flavours. Our goal is to encourage local economy as well.

Then, Ready to go down in history?



Let’s turn the clock back and walk through history observing the ancient beauties.

We will admire the charming cities of art through different ages and enjoy the luxury of another cup of exquisite espresso coffee.
The beauties of a village will fill your heart and soul with the same joy of an excellent glass of wine.
We strongly believe in the magic effect of slowly told stories and that pop culture represents a piece of sheet music of the world.
Let’s follow our itineraries and keep chatting: empathy is the engine of each trip; knowledge is only one step away from the greatest adventures and life is like a pleasant walk. All you need is the right guide.



Each journey we have been offering comes up after meeting people who had shared their stories with us. We travel from the North to the South, by train or by car, to meet each partner involved in our journey personally.

 Like Cristiana, fond of citruses which she grows in Calabria. Paola who has told us how people have been preparing the tradional Carnival Parade in Sauris, Friuli Region ever since she was a child. Or Marco again, in Umbria, who starting from the studies of ancient documents, has rediscovered medieval fabrics currently used in the historical parade. Sara who has told us the history of the Roman Lost Ships in Nemi once belonged to the Roman Emperor Caligula in Nemi.

Oreste who has opened his vineyard, his home, sharing with us his know-how and his passion for the viticolture in Frascati.

Oreste e la sua vigna



We have met each of them, and more. From the Friuli to the Calabria Region our journeys are a travel through the history, tradition and local recepies. We do that in order to respect the authenticity. We do that to lead and inspire all travelers like us.

We customize tours for those who, like us, love diversity and believe in inclusion, or love sharing time in small groups.

We travel to lead families, LGBTQ+ and solo women who wish to find themerselves or the real essence of traveling. Our tour are perfect for those have already visited Italy and want to discover something different.

With us, each travel story will be told in a way you will never forget.



We haven’t been in a travel business for many years. We have only recently started (May 2019) but we are far experienced in showing the beauties of this wonderful Italian Country.


Commitment on local culture

 We work in parallel with different local businesses and stakeholders giving my contribution to the growth of the Italian and foreign cultural heritage.
We are mentioned in Margaret Stenhouse’s book, “La Dea del Lago. Le navi perdute di Nemi” as we favored the publication of her work. You will see our logo on the Memorandum of Understanding  of the “Enoteca Regionale Calabria” and of the “Acque del Gemonese Ecomuseum”.



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Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to go on the best trip ever or to enquire about anything concerning our itineraries.