About us

Storywalking and EATales – Sister Companies

On paper, Storywalking is an Italian tour operator that organizes FITs and small group tours throughout Italy.
But we are much more than that! 

We specialize in taking open-to-anything, curious visitors to unique, less visited places.
If we were from a fairytale, we would have a lot in common with Peter Pan and Mary Poppins!  



Naturally we can take you to see all the precious gems of our history and heritage – the Colosseum, the canals of Venice, the Da Vincis, the Caravaggios, the soaring cathedrals, the sparkling lakes. But we can also take you beyond, to the Italy best seen at a walking pace, with time to point out details that enrich the story and deepen the plot.
With the “big picture” visible in the background, Storywalking focuses on the vignettes and images, the relationships and experiences that form the truly ‘aha’ moments, whether in grand famous spots or in tiny villages. With so much discovery at hand, we also never forget to pause for an espresso or an aperitivo, a gelato or a delicious local specialty. 

For without its famed gastronomy, would Italy be as beloved?
Happily you’ll never have to worry about that!

In real life, Italy embraces twenty regions that are sweetened by wine, encircled in tender pasta and sprinkled with specialized cheeses. From its rich soils spring olives, San Marzano tomatoes, truffles, durum wheat and the thousands of ingredients that make up its acclaimed regional cuisines. 

These foods and wines, imbued with the creativity and skill of their makers, are the subject of EATales, a sister company to Storywalking.
If you can’t physically visit a winery in the Po River Valley, dig truffles in Umbria or taste olive oil at a Pugliese olive mill, EATales can take you there in a livestreamed video call, arranged at your convenience.
You will converse with the local gastronomic expert, learn the process as if you could look over their shoulders, and finally have a guided tasting of the products you watched being made, shipped to you beforehand in an EATales EAT-Box!

So from the epic romance that is Italy, you now have a tantalizing choice: the in-person, uncommon, personalized Storywalking, or the on-your-sofa but still immersive EATales / EAT-Box culinary adventure. 



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→ WITIA: Women in Tourism International Alliance Limited
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Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to go on the best trip ever or to enquire about anything concerning our itineraries.