Travel stories

My travel diary with news, insights and anecdotes about our itineraries.

The ‘Ndocciata in Molise

Long and gigantic torches illuminate the Molise districts offering spectacular shows with fire, dances and choreographies still performed after a millennium.

Experience at Frascati Vineyard: Vine-to-Table

The man behind the wine, Oreste Molinari, welcomed us into his vineyard to share a homemade Italian breakfast and his passion for his own family tradition of winemaking.

Autumn means figs: The History of Girotti Figs

In this article we will discover the history of Girotti Figs (Fichi Girotti) a very special dessert from Amelia i Umbria

Gift Card: Amazing Italian Experiences

The best present ever to show your love for someone you care is a travel, isn’t it? Discover more about the Storywalking Gift Card.

The Holy Week in Calabria

The statues of Our Lady of Sorrows, Jesus and Saint John are carried wildly along the Calabrian streets in a great religious event of the pagan soul.

The Infiorata Festival in Genzano

A carpet of flowers is laid along a popular street in Genzano reproducing wonderful works of art.