The Infiorata Festival in Genzano

In the lively heart of the Castelli Romani, we will immerse ourselves in a beautiful baroque floral ritual:  the Infiorata in Genzano. On the occasion of the Christian celebration of Corpus Christi, we will admire the flower artists as they create their monumental carpet of petals. It’s a spectacular work of collective art composed of 13 floral images, which cover an area of about 1,900 square metres.

The population is involved and collaborates in the realization of the compositions in a frenetic work that takes place days before the event, when women, men and children work in the courtyards of the city to separate the petals from the flowers, dividing them according to their shapes and colour and placing them in the dark , cool caves located in the underground of the town.

In the evening hours on Saturday we will get to meet the flower artists who will be raising the contours of the drawings, inside of which petals will be placed. This work will be completed at dawn on Sunday and finished in time for the processional rite.

To fully experience the feast, we will stay until the ceremony of the “Spallamento”, and we’ll watch the trampling of the magnificent flowery carpet on Monday afternoon. Finally we will see the dismantling of this magnificent work of art when, from the top of the street, the “Spallatori” and children will launch into a wild race to reach the bottom of the road. From here they will leave a cloud of multicoloured dust and scented petals behind. We will look forward to the next Infiorata edition!


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